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La Iniciativa Starlight. Recuperar las estrellas ahorrando energía

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12Apr 2011
Written by Patricia 

La Iniciativa Starlight. Recuperar las estrellas ahorrando energía


Spain, Vitoria-Gasteiz, 12 April 2011
Vitoria City Council

Light pollution now prevents a large part of Europeans enjoy something as simple and important as stargazing. The cause of all this lies in the unrelenting growth of light pollution that drags an unnecessary waste of energy and environmental consequences and health increasingly serious. It would suffice to illuminate intelligently, ie, light as needed, where and when necessary, applying technologies and approaches at hand. Be illuminated with knowledge not only better designed with energy efficiency criteria, it is also important to know what kind of light is best for the environment and quality of the night sky, avoiding mistakes and the tremendous spread of the / leds / white energy efficient but they are a high impact in terms of light pollution.
In addition, recovery of the right to observe the stars also involves recovering a cultural heritage, aesthetic, scientific and environmental watering seriously.

Cities of the future inevitably tend to be more sustainable and livable, and this implies taking seriously the dimension of light and sound, the strategic importance of sustainable mobility and intelligent lighting as a factor in quality of life and efficiency of resources.

The near future will surely shine less noisy cities under the stars.

Reporter: Cipriano Marin

Coordinator of the Initiative

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