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Starmus Festival

18May 2011

STARMUS Festival: Discover the Cosmos and Change the World


June 20-25th, 2011, Tenerife-La Palma (Canary Islands) - Starlight Concert

STARMUS is the first popular festival linking the many disciplines in astronomy and the space sciences. World famous scientists and astronauts will gather at the Spring Equinox in a media event to promote the science of astronomy and its discoveries. For the first time ever we shall hear music made from the real sounds of celestial bodies.

Backed by several international scientific institutions and organizations (IAC-Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, IAU-Insternational Astronomical Union, Starlight Initiative, Gran Telescopio Canarias), and under the patronage of UNESCO, the Festival will celebrate astronomy during five days of recreational and informative activities in a popular, appealing and dynamic way. Astrophotography, space-art exhibitions, documentaries, star parties, talks and conferences are some the endless activities that will delight music fans and astronomy aficionados alike. A stellar cast of musicians, including the band Tangerine Dream will give a concert at the Magma Arts & Congress Hall.


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