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Starlight - Covenant of Mayors Related Initiative

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18Feb 2012

Covenant of Mayors and the Starlight Cities Initiative: Recover the Stars and Save Energy


February 2012. The Starlight Initiative, through its action “Starlight Cities” is now one of the EU Covenant of Mayors Related Initiatives.

The Covenant of Mayors is the mainstream European movement involving local and regional authorities, voluntarily committing to increasing energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources on their territories. By their commitment, Covenant signatories aim to meet and exceed the European Union 20% CO2 reduction objective by 2020.

The Covenant of Mayors is not a stand-alone initiative. Quite to the contrary, it strongly interacts with projects, policies and initiatives from European institutions, public administrations and networks.

The Starlight Initiative aims to fight against the harmful effects of light pollution that is a growing problem in our cities and municipalities. The waste of outdoor lighting increases energy consumption and is economically unjustified. It also increases the level of emissions that contribute to climate change.

Starlight Cities is also supported by UNESCO MAB Programme (Urban Systems)


Starlight Cities and Municipalities will commit to:

  • promote and replicate best practices in cities’ outdoor lighting, aiming to increase energy efficiency of 20% at least, and to decrease light pollution of no less than 40%.
  • disseminate successful ordinances and regulations on responsible outdoor lighting among local authorities.
  • promote sustainable lighting plans respectful of night sky quality and energy efficiency.
  • disseminate and recommend the best eco-efficient and innovative light technologies 
  • develop outreach and training actions addressed to local people, local authorities and those in charge of outdoor lighting.
  • disseminate the Practical Guide for Outdoor Lighting among the main stakeholders and local authorities.
  • to consolidate an annual award for best practices and excellent actions carried out by municipalities.

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The Starlight Initiative is designed as an international action in defence of the values associated with the night sky and the general right to observe the stars. It is open to the participation of all scientific, cultural, environmental, and citizens' organizations...

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