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Starlight at the 39th session of the World Heritage Committee

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10Jul 2015

Side Event Astronomy and World Heritage Initiative - achievements and issues

1 July 2015, Bonn, Germany

The meeting marked ten years of the "Astronomy and World Heritage" Thematic Initiative, as well as eight years of fruitful collaboration between UNESCO and the IAU in promotion of scientific heritage.

The event represented an opportunity to review achievements and issues, including published and planned Thematic Studies, the "Portal to the Heritage of Astronomy" website , involvement in upstream processes, and ongoing nomination project proposals.

Speakers on the conference included:

Prof. Clive Ruggles, President-­‐elect of the IAU new Commission on "World Heritage and Astronomy"

Ms. Anna Sidorenko, Coordinator of the Thematic Initiative “Astronomy and World Heritage”,UNESCO World Heritage Centre

Prof. Michel Cotte, ICOMOS International

Mr Cipriano Marin, Coodinator of Starlight Initiative (Spain)


Side Event - 39th session of the World Heritage Committee

From left to right: Cipriano (Starlight IInitiative), Clive Ruggles (IAU), Michel Cotte (ICOMOS), Anna Sidorenko (UNESCO-WHC)


Astronomy and World Heritage Thematic Initiative

Portal to the Heritage of Astronomy

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