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The recent published reports by Sir Nicholas Stern and the Intergovernmental Panel for climate change are very clear and opened up the world�s eyes: The scientific evidence is now overwhelming: climate change presents very serious global risks, and it demands an urgent global response.

The energy production contributes with 80% the largest part on the increase of CO2.  So we have no alternative as to change our energy policy. We all know that the energy consumed by outdoor lighting is only a part of the greenhouse effect, and that transport, for instance, has a far large impact on this problem, but this does not exempt anybody from the commitment to make a contribution to reducing the dimension of a problem that seriously mortgages the future of our children.


The Starlight Initiative: partner of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign.
Intelligent lighting= energy saving and protection of the night sky.
The aim is to join efforts in defence of the quality of the night sky and its relation with promotion of intelligent lighting, more efficient from an energy point of view.
Fighting against the increase in climate-change related emissions is also a way to defend the quality of the night sky. The continuance of the right to starlight is evidently related with the capability to promote energy saving and the use of renewable energy sources..
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Energy Star �Change a Light, Change the World� Campaign
Change a Light! The ENERGY STAR Change a Light Campaign is a national challenge to encourage every American to help change the world, one light � one energy-saving step �

at a time. .
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Campa�a Cielo Oscuro / Dark Sky Campaign. Region of Murcia - Spain.
By illuminating well, we will use less money and energy, we will see better, obtain a better quality of life and we will preserve the Night Environment. To illuminate better, saving energy and respecting the Environment.
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