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International Initiative in Defence of the Quality of the Night Sky as Mankind’s Scientific, Cultural and Environmental Heritage

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The Starlight Foundation was created in 2009, following the “First International Starlight Conference”. Since then, it has been a legal entity whose main objective is the dissemination of astronomy and the coordination, management and promotion of the principles and philosophy of the Starlight movement, developing all its possible dimensions in order to extend them worldwide through activities, products and services in these areas.

Therefore, as already indicated in the introduction, the Starlight Foundation is a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to develop programs and actions to provide a different way of protecting and defending the sky and of valuing it as a resource necessary for life and the intangible heritage of humanity.


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1. Protection of the Night Sky
One of the main objectives of the Foundation – contained in the “La Palma Declaration” – is the protection and conservation of the night skies, as an important scientific, cultural, environmental and tourist resource.
It is important to spread the idea of smart lighting among the public and to promote local, national and international initiatives to prevent light pollution, thereby enabling energy savings and mitigating the effects of climate change.
2. Cultural dissemination of astronomy
Another of the aims of the Starlight Foundation is innovative astronomical outreach, linking it to society through tourist activities related to the Stars, building a network of Starlight Rural Houses and Hotels, promoting Stellariums where astronomical festivals and activities can be organized, creating astrophotography contests, etc. It aims to disseminate the science, but in a fun way, creating leisure spaces, for example, in locations that have achieved or are working towards certification as a Starlight Tourist Destination.
To achieve these goals, it is also important to offer specialized training courses run by those people (Astronomical Monitors and Starlight Guides) who will serve as a link with the population.
3. Star Tourism
Another objective is to promote scientific tourism and, more specifically, star tourism as an emerging, sustainable, high-quality segment. To this end, the Foundation has a certification system by which those places where the sky quality and infrastructure allow this type of activity are accredited as Starlight Tourist Destinations. The Foundation also awards the status of Starlight Reserve to those places that maintain the natural lighting conditions and clarity of the night sky intact, incorporating the starscape into their existing cultural and natural assets.
4. Intelligent lighting and energy saving  
The Foundation also strives to implement a culture of rational lighting, which allows energy conservation, the development of star tourism in different parts of the planet and the protection of many species that need a dark sky for their conservation.


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The Starlight Initiative is designed as an international action in defence of the values associated with the night sky and the general right to observe the stars. It is open to the participation of all scientific, cultural, environmental, and citizens' organizations...

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