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International Initiative in Defence of the Quality of the Night Sky as Mankind’s Scientific, Cultural and Environmental Heritage

Andalusia International Meeting

16Nov 2011

 1st International Meeting of Administrations for the Protection of the Night Sky

30 November 2011 - Almería (Spain) / with the participation of the Starlight Initiative

The Ministery for the Environment of the Regional Government of Andalusia recognizes the need to induce and encourage moresustainable habits among the population. Some programs havebeen launched to improve urban sustainability. So, recentlyapproved Urban Sustainability Strategy of Andalusia opens acompetence framework which calls for work in cross-sectionalareas such as the local urban management, or in more specicmatters like light pollution.Light pollution is an environmental problem which stems from aninadequate design of lighting systems. Light pollution damagesastronomical observations, both at a scientic and touristic levels,and natural ecosystems as well. Ecient energy management anddesign of lighting facilities, taking into account sustainabilitycriteria, is a priority for the competent authorities, as reected inthe Regulation for the Protection of the Night Sky Quality againstLight Pollution, approved in 2010.In this way, the General Direction for Climate Change and UrbanEnvironment of the Environment Regional Government ofAndalusia intends to constitute national and international workinggroups on light pollution. The purpose of these groups is to providea joint forum for common work, which enables the exchange ofexperiences. This is intended both for countries already havingsome regulation and for those that are still developing it. The forumwill also give the opportunity to exchange, discuss and debate thepositive and negative aspects of applicability of each regulation,adopting, where appropriate, a common position on certainproblems.Specic objectives to be achieved are:

  • Presentation and exchange of dierent experiences in theimplementation of the already adopted rules
  • Ability to improve current and future standards andregulations
  • Ability to develop joint projects
  • Creation of a working virtual forum
  • Preparation and publication of working and broadcastpapers

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